Rich and Mike's The Rise of Skywalker Predictions Video

  • Published: 15 July 2019
  • A little late to the game? NO! We've got until December to pointlessly speculate on the last of the "Skywalker saga" films!!! Mike has a crazy plot prediction and Rich has some ideas on how Palpatine can come back. Enjoy, friends!!
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  • dnwilliams
    dnwilliams  1 hours back

    Thinking about the "time travel" theory, it would make sense for Kylo Ren to have a rebuilt helmet so you can tell current timeline Kylo Ren from the one they might show in the past with the Knights of Ren and stuff.

    • dnwilliams
      dnwilliams  2 hours back

      It's weird to hear them talking about JJ being a director and not a writer, because he was a writer first an foremost for the majority of his television career.

      • Chris K
        Chris K  2 hours back

        I’m done with this franchise, Disney had effectively ruined it with the identity politics of today. This new movie isn’t worth the time or effort to go and see.

        • CynicallyObnoxious
          CynicallyObnoxious  3 hours back

          Chris Terrio wrote it...........

          Well this movie is gonna be awful.......FUCKING DEAD

          • MisterJei
            MisterJei  4 hours back

            My first thought, at this scene, was how come an uncontrolled several billion tonne object , preform a soft landing on a planet with coursing a serious environmental damage to the planets surface?

            • Bushranger
              Bushranger  5 hours back

              Hey guys I think mike might be on to something with the time travel plot... at 11:56 the star destroyer is not a first order one, but an imperial one. So that maybe another bit of evidence...

              • Jonathan The Odd Gamer
                Jonathan The Odd Gamer  8 hours back

                An Ewok death cult is a better story hook by an order of 1000 than anything that was in The Last Jedi.

                • Mc Panik
                  Mc Panik  8 hours back

                  *WH40K>star wars*

                  • Steph Ponsi
                    Steph Ponsi  9 hours back

                    What about when they actually do a satisfying plot hole free time travel story that has been established on previous star wars canon. yet everyone here hates it because RLM and most of their fans already hate the idea for no other reason than... JJ. Time Travel. SW Died in 1983. If you all hate SW so much but seem to have a problem getting away from it, you should watch the animated shows or read the novels. Oh but wait, why watch something or read something made by disney. SW is dead.

                    • Dylan Green
                      Dylan Green  9 hours back

                      Rey gets lost in a time loop after being made pregnant by Sidious' ghost.

                      She thinks her name is Shmi.

                      • Pro Toss
                        Pro Toss  11 hours back

                        "Rise" "from the dead" ? Jesus?... because "Rise" we already had and that was old trilogy IV-V-VI, then "Fall" of Anakin I-II-III.
                        Either way it's RAZE of StarWars right now.

                        • Half Alligator
                          Half Alligator  11 hours back

                          The Star Wars expanded universe had some amazing stories... so I don't buy the idea the Star Wars franchise is not built for longevity. There is so much creative stuff they could do but they're just stuck in limbo all the time. Afraid I guess of what the prequels did.

                          • Half Alligator
                            Half Alligator  12 hours back

                            Hold on a second... we're wondering how Luke could just appear again? Why don't we wonder how they disappear to begin with? In fact how do we know he's even dead? Are we assuming he died like Yoda did? Maybe he did something deliberate? It's a shit hole the've dug with Lukes plot but it's still rationally possible for him to re-surface so to speak. Maybe he teleported himself? I mean astral projection is a thing now... maybe he learned other tricks in those jedi books.

                            • Half Alligator
                              Half Alligator  12 hours back

                              They should have gone down the Terminator 2 route in regards to pacing and focus (not talking about time travel). Focus on a few key characters and key events with huge stakes, keep it linear and pulse pumping. Have only a one or two plot threads going at once. Right now they have their story telling lens all over the place - It's out of focus, zoomed in too far... zoomed out too far. It just needs to settle down and be confident in a good simple story. Have faith in the characters. Probably too late now though....

                              • tomahzo
                                tomahzo  12 hours back

                                I have no interest in the film but I HOPE that everything they predicted comes true somehow. And that it results in a nice review that I can watch :).

                                • Half Alligator
                                  Half Alligator  12 hours back

                                  Does anyone else think the mentality behind super hero films has leaked into all action films now? Like every single shot of the hero's in action has to look really "super" like they're so much larger than reality. They're just constantly in cool poses in overdone shots. Pisses me off as star wars used to feel a bit more natural and not so forced. Just add it to the long list of fucked up shit in this new trilogy. I'm sick of directors taking too much power in the movie and writing scripts. There are professionals who've made entire successful careers out of scripts and novels. USE THEM

                                  • mark kavanagh
                                    mark kavanagh  13 hours back

                                    I still hate Porgs.

                                    • ADD Me On's
                                      ADD Me On's  13 hours back

                                      The new ewoks are mangy mutts

                                      • ADD Me On's
                                        ADD Me On's  13 hours back

                                        Palpatine fell at 88 miles per hour, struck his lighting into the energy core which teleported him through time into the future.

                                        Luke Skywalker teleported off of the planet and is still alive.

                                        • Jonobos
                                          Jonobos  14 hours back

                                          This movie is going to suck so bad. I actually think you guys are probably right about a lot of this. Maybe not the tiny details, but in general...

                                          • isaiah wolftail
                                            isaiah wolftail  16 hours back

                                            Its vaders flying that tie fighting because klyo converted to reylo so they brought back palpatine with vader and darth maul. To kill this reylo and try to bring imperalistic order to the galaxy once again. So our two former protaganist must team up to fight the powers of the dark side to save the galaxy.

                                            • no printer just fax
                                              no printer just fax  16 hours back

                                              han died in tfa, luke died in tlj, now leias gonna die in ros 😔 more sad about her death than anything

                                              • Langers
                                                Langers  18 hours back


                                                • Patrick Doherty
                                                  Patrick Doherty  18 hours back

                                                  I don't even like Star Wars and haven't seen a Star Wars movie since Attack of the Clones, but these convos are always entertaining!

                                                  • Patrick Doherty
                                                    Patrick Doherty  18 hours back

                                                    I wonder how long it will be until Disney remakes the original trilogy.

                                                    • Matthew Marin
                                                      Matthew Marin  19 hours back

                                                      Now that I know who's writing it, I'm actually kind of excited to watch this movie, but in sort of a sick, morbid way. Like if I knew a passenger train was about to derail but there was nothing I could do to stop it. That's what Star Wars is now, a horrible disaster that we can't look away from.

                                                      • MrSplendid
                                                        MrSplendid  19 hours back

                                                        The evil ewok idea is actually really so great that I’m disappointed that we won’t actually get to see it

                                                        • Wes Moody
                                                          Wes Moody  20 hours back

                                                          Maz Kanata was the evil force all along. The man behind the curtain if you will.

                                                          • musicaldooder20
                                                            musicaldooder20  21 hours back

                                                            I have to say, it’s a bit pretentious to say that you guys understand what makes Star Wars work, better than George Lucas the creator. I mean, he was the one who made it. I think he probably has a better idea of how it all works better than the rest of us.

                                                            • John John
                                                              John John  21 hours back

                                                              Rey will travel back in time to recruit the Republic's warriors, including Mace Windu. Rey will then visit Tattooine, where a little boy will ask her "are you an angel?" This starts a new timeline where Hayden Christensen and Rey produce poorly written babies.

                                                              • Wilburgur
                                                                Wilburgur  24 hours back

                                                                oh my god they're gonna to kill finn, poe and leia immediately so they don't need to bother writing their B plots.
                                                                gives rey has a reason to go back in time too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                                                • 30noir
                                                                  30noir  24 hours back

                                                                  I predict the Mr Plinket review of Star Wars 9 will be better than the movie, and there's a better chance I'll sit through the whole thing.

                                                                  • Dazfloor
                                                                    Dazfloor  1 days back

                                                                    "Hey JJ it's me... your cousin... MARVIN ABRAMS.... you know that ending you've been waiting for? Listen to this!!"

                                                                    • Horatio Moonraker
                                                                      Horatio Moonraker  1 days back

                                                                      I think Kylo kills Rey exactly like he did Han Solo, then an X-wing gently takes Rey in it's landing gear and flies away. Then everybody left agrees to make Chewbacca King of the Universe, because reasons. The end.

                                                                      • shut up bitch
                                                                        shut up bitch  1 days back

                                                                        The bag contains the continuum transfunctioner.

                                                                        • william hazlett
                                                                          william hazlett  1 days back

                                                                          they are going back in time so rey can absorb lukes power to fight the kylo absorbed emperior highlander style cutting there head off to get there power

                                                                          • Steven Sinishtaj
                                                                            Steven Sinishtaj  1 days back

                                                                            Im willing to bet this movie ends up being so disappointing, we'll wish these predictions were right.

                                                                            • Jaime M
                                                                              Jaime M  1 days back

                                                                              So, this is how horrible misinformation is spread. With a barely noticed YouTube video and smug attitudes.

                                                                              • Rob Goc
                                                                                Rob Goc  1 days back

                                                                                “Is that a joke?”
                                                                                “This movie’s going to be terrible.”

                                                                                • Sweet Bro
                                                                                  Sweet Bro  1 days back

                                                                                  Not going to lie, I wasn't excited about this movie. You had me at "fuck it" though.

                                                                                  • dumwyteguy
                                                                                    dumwyteguy  1 days back

                                                                                    God help us I think the time travel theory is real

                                                                                    • Mel Kerner
                                                                                      Mel Kerner  1 days back

                                                                                      They blew the obvious choice of making the Snoak character into the not quite dead Darth Plageous. So much missed opportunity, just to kill off all past characters and screw George Lucas out of his portion of the legacy characters intellectual property money

                                                                                      • DevilGearHill
                                                                                        DevilGearHill  1 days back

                                                                                        Really not sure George gives a fuck. Like any fuck at all. He’s got too much money to care.

                                                                                    • Jennifer Hudson
                                                                                      Jennifer Hudson  1 days back

                                                                                      Rich laughs like salacious crumb

                                                                                      • Daryl Dacillo
                                                                                        Daryl Dacillo  1 days back

                                                                                        News Flash: "The Skywalker in Star Wars Rise of Skywalker is just a force user who can navigate the stars not the family of Luke Skywalkers!" "Disney main objective of Star Wars is anyone can be a jedi so please buy our super expensive plastic lightsaber and other expensive merchandise."

                                                                                        So yeah it will be a crap. I'll just be seeing the whole thing crash and flop on the side.

                                                                                        • Kylo Ren PT
                                                                                          Kylo Ren PT  2 days back

                                                                                          You guys are the best!! Please don´t you ever stop doing videos!! Regards from Portugal

                                                                                          • mjl1966y
                                                                                            mjl1966y  2 days back

                                                                                            $325M. And then Disney will sell Lucasfilm to Sony. In a trade package for Spiderman...

                                                                                            • Just Perfect
                                                                                              Just Perfect  1 days back

                                                                                              mjl1966y that actually might happen

                                                                                          • Ron Wylie
                                                                                            Ron Wylie  2 days back

                                                                                            You realize that now you have said this there will be whole shifts of low paid Asian children painting all the eyes red on the huge container ship that is full of old Ewok figures lol. You inspired me to guess and ......... The emperor mind and power into Kilo and Luke power into Rey, at least it would be kick ass lol

                                                                                            • Ron Wylie
                                                                                              Ron Wylie  2 days back

                                                                                              I like the time travel thing and hope it is as interesting as you said but they will have to make it three and a half hours to fix {sort of it cant be fixed without scrapping TLJ} so it will be complicated. Either way I am not paying to see it at any theater just my small aybeck for the slap in the face they gave us